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December 7, 20157 years ago

World of Ambient CD now available!

We are proud to announce the release of our first CD album "World of Ambient".

Our CD is composed by Stars Over Foy and features 4 beautiful ambient songs with a total lenght of 77 minutes. 77 minutes of the finest relaxation music and nature sounds.

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November 23, 20157 years ago

200 followers on

Today we reached the 200 followers on
Tunein is a great website with a nice mobile app for Android, iPhone and BlackBerry.

Keep on following us, many cool Planet Ambi things are scheduled for the upcoming months!

Follow Planet Ambi HD Radio on here.

Don't forget to follow our Facebook page for even more Planet Ambi updates.
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November 11, 20157 years ago

[UPDATE 6 Feb 2016] Our Android app is now available

Check out the official Planet Ambi HD Radio app for Android.
It's available in the Google Play Store for Android and Blackberry devices! (iOS will be available soon)

Download our Android app here or search for "Planet Ambi HD Radio" in the Google Play Store app on your mobile device.

BlackBerry users can download our app via "Snap", the Play Store client voor BlackBerry.

Update 6 February 2016.

There is no need anymore for BlacKBerry users to sideload our app. A brand new app for BlackBerry, Android and iOS is now available.
Read more about the new app here.