February 6, 2016 Posted by Planet Ambi in News

Planet Ambi app available for BlackBerry, Android and iOS

We are proud to announce our brand new mobile app for BlackBerry (native), Android and Apple iOS.

Our app is produced by our partner Nobex Technologies USA and features many cool extras.

- Sleep timer (Perfect when you use Ambi for the nights!)

- The option to broadcast using your data plan, or only on wifi. (Please note that broadcasting radio will use your mobile data. This is not up to us, This is something your provider does (Vodafone, AT&T, T-Com etc. Please make sure you have enough data available, otherwise use wifi!)

- Playlist (You can view the recently played songs within the app)

- Social feed (See all Planet Ambi updates on Facebook within the app)

- Now Playing (Well the name says it all)

For additional features download the app for your mobile phone.

blackberryFor BlackBerry download from BlackBerry World (our app is native and build for BlackBerry) here.

androidFor Android download from Google Play Store here.

itunesFor Apple iOS download from iTunes here.