December 7, 2015 Posted by Planet Ambi in News

World of Ambient CD now available!

We are proud to announce the release of our first CD album "World of Ambient".

Our CD is composed by Stars Over Foy and features 4 beautiful ambient songs with a total lenght of 77 minutes. 77 minutes of the finest relaxation music and nature sounds.

Are you struggling with a sleep problem? Are you tired after a hard working day, do you have problems with your concentration while studying or do you need stress relieving music?
Whatever your reason is, Planet Ambi helps you to feel relaxed.

The CD "Planet Ambi presents World of Ambient" is now availabe in our webshop for only 15 euro and FREE worldwide shipping.
Our CD is also available via Amazon (UK, DE and US/CAN).

Listen to the CD previews.
01. Until We Meet Again In Heaven (24:06)
02. Life On The Mothership (35:34)
03. Lost In The Outback (09:21)
04. Don't Run To The River (08:36)