October 4, 2016 Posted by Planet Ambi in News

World of Ambient Podcast 002 out now!

It is already time for Podcast 002 of the World of Ambient Podcast, also this week mixed and presented by Stars Over Foy.

World of Ambient Podcast is the biweekly podcast hosted and mixed by Stars Over Foy, featuring the most relaxing Ambient and Drone music for sleep, relaxation and meditation.

If you want your music to be featured in an episode of World of Ambient Podcast, check out the podcast page on Worldofambient.com for more information. Please note that we.. do not play any beats in our Podcast, submitting music with beats is useless as we will not play or review them.

You can subscribe and download the biweekly podcast by clicking the button below, or visit iTunes and search for the World of Ambient Podcast so you will not miss an episode.

The playlist for this weeks episode.
01. Dr. J. James - Guiding Bells
02. Soft Note - Last Day
03. Stars Over Foy - Mirror of Emotions
04. Hammock - Awakened, He Heard Only Silence
05. Heathered Pearls - Beach Shelter
06. Stars Over Foy - Until We Meet Again in Heaven
07. Ontol - Our Last Dance
08. Sokpb Avabodha - The Long Trip
09. Phobos - Peace At Last

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