Planet Ambi 1 Year Anniversary Edition


it's time to celebrate our 1 year anniversary of Planet Ambi and Planet Ambi HD Radio with this celebration album full of beautiful relaxation ambient and drone music.

Music by Stars Over Foy, Nagayaki Hushimo, Vienna Sky, Dr. J. James, Art of Drone and an exclusive new single by Bonzai signed artist Vechigen!

All sales will be used to keep on running our 24/7 radio “Planet Ambi HD Radio”.


01. Stars Over Foy – Alien Takeover 03:34
02. Dr. J. James – Close Your Eyes (Guiding Bells 2) (Healing Nature Mix) 13:46
03. Vechigen – Water Reflection (Ambi Exclusive) 04:00
04. Nagayaki Hushimo – Kurama Silence 08:50
05. Stars Over Foy – 15 Minutes of Silence 14:41
06. Vienna Sky – Spring Garden 14:23
07. Dr. J. James & Jamie Duvel – Follow Your Heart 05:28
08. Art of Drone – Secret Universe 11:20

Release date: 8 January 2017
Catalog: AMBI006
EAN: 7091069088903

CD Compiled by Stars Over Foy & Vienna Sky
Mastered at Wintersland
Artwork by Karlien D. / Jaim Design

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