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Stars Over Foy - Mirror of Emotions CD [2016]


Stars Over Foy is a fast rising name in the world of Ambient.

With his previous released CD albums World Of Ambient Part 1 and 2 and The Dreamship he gained a large amount of interest.

S.O.F. is back with this beautiful Ambient album full of amazing soundscapes and drone sounds.

8 tracks that take you on our journey to Planet Ambi.

If you love Ambient, make sure to get this new Stars Over Foy album.


01. Mirror Of Emotions (Ambient Mix) 13:12
02. Lost In The Outback (Ambient Mix) 08:16
03. Mind Peace (Ambient Mix) 10:24
04. Until We Meet Again In Heaven (Ambient Mix) 11:12
05. At The End Of The Ocean (Ambient Mix) 06:48
06. Angels By Dawn (Ambient Mix) 06:48
07. Have Faith In What Will Be (Ambient Mix) 06:48
08. Here For You (Ambient Mix) 06:48

Release date: 23 June 2016
Catalog: AMBI004
EAN: 7081385395014

Performed by Stars Over Foy
Composed by Jessy Winters
Mastered at Wintersland
Back cover photography by Karlien D.
Front cover edit by Kelly F.
Artwork by Jaim Design

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