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The Ambient Files (MIxed by Stars Over Foy) CD [2018]


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The Ambient Files is a collection of the finest Space Ambient tunes. Relaxing drones, beautiful soundscapes and spacy atmospheres, compiled and mixed to provide you with the finest relaxation experience by Stars Over Foy, known from his World of Ambient radio show on the Space Dreams channel of Di.FM.

This is a mix album as no others, featuring music by rising and established ambient artists. The Mothership of the finest ambient, space music, drones and soundscapes.
Discover the amazing sounds of artists like Bvdub, Alonefold, Purl & Sinius, Robert Crouch. Vechigen and many others.

Join us and discover the beauty of beatless music. Here are The Ambient Files!

Available on limited edition Vinyl CD, Jewel Case CD and Digital Download.

1. Robert Crouch - Firehouse II
2. Alonefold - Winter Industry
3. Purl & Sinius - In Perfect Safety
4. Bvdub - Rainless [R]ivers
5. Stars Over Foy & Vechigen - Want To Leave This World (Into Space)
6. Blank Embrace - Flambeau
7. Hirotaka Shirotsubaki - First Frost
8. Synkrotron - Chocolate
9. ontol - Denouement
10. The Ambient Files - Continues DJ Mix (Mixed by Stars Over Foy) (bonus) Digital Only!

After your purchase you will also get a download link by email (within 24 hours) to download the full lenght tracks and DJ mix in WAV, FLAC or MP3 format.