World Of Ambient Part II (CD + Free MP3 Download) [2016]


After the success of the first edition in the WOA series, it is time to present “World of Ambient Part II”.

This WOA CD features 6 beautiful and relaxing ambient tracks produced by WOA producer Stars Over Foy.

Are you struggling with a sleep problem? Are you tired after a hard working day, do you have problems with your concentration while studying or do you need stress relieving music?
Whatever your reason is, Planet Ambi helps you to feel relaxed.

Welcome to the world of Ambient Part II!

Total CD duration: 69 minutes. (+ 16 extra minutes as MP3 download)

01. Watching The Waves (24:06)
02. We Are Not From Earth (13:36)
03. At The End Of The Ocean (06:48)
04. Snow In The Woods (13:27)
05. Hypnotised By Aliens (11:36)
06. Have Faith In What Will Be (06:48)

07. Relaxation Ocean Minimix (WOA2 Bonus) (06:53)
08. Relaxation Rain Minimix (WOA2 Bonus) (09:32)

Release date: 29 February 2016
Catalog: AMBI002

* Bonus tracks are part of the “Free MP3 Download” and delivered as as a .ZIP file by email after ordering the CD.
Digital album will also be available in your “My Ambi World” account.

** All nature sounds used in our works are licensed under the Creative Commons 0 License. CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0)

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