World Of Ambient Part III [2017]


Planet Ambi HD Radio is proud to present a brand new edition of the World of Ambient series.

World of Ambient Part III features 9 beautiful and relaxing ambient tracks composed by our WOA producer Stars Over Foy.
This drone ambient album provides you with the finest relaxation experience.

Are you struggling with a sleep problem? Are you tired after a hard working day, do you have problems with your concentration while studying, do you need stress relieving music or do you just want to sit back and relax?
Whatever your reason is, Planet Ambi helps you to feel relaxed.

Welcome to the world of Ambient Part III

01. Pacific 05:56
02. Never Look Back 10:00
03. Le Prix de la loyauté 05:04
04. Garden in the City 07:13
05. 15 Minutes of Silence 14:46
06. Silvermoon 08:24
07. Alien Takeover 03:34
08. At the End of the Ocean II 08:05
09. WOA III Ambi Nature Minimix 06:47

Release date: 1 September 2017
Catalog: AMBI010
EAN: 7091062268142

Mastered at Wintersland
Composed by Stars Over Foy
Cover Photography by Karlien D.
Artwork by Jaim Design

** All nature sounds used on this CD are recorded by Ambitainment Productions.
*** Track 4 with special appearance by Rex the Raptor

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